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High Cholesterol

Members with High Cholesterol can save $465 monthly by switching from Lipitor to Atorvastatin

Erectile Dysfunction

Members with Erectile Dysfunction can save $2214 monthly by switching from Viagra to Sildenafil Citrate


Members with Anxiety can save $364 monthly by switching from Zoloft to Sertraline Hcl


Members with Thyroid can save $31 monthly by switching from Levothroid to Levothyroxine Sodium

Hair loss

Members with Hair loss can save $148 monthly by switching from Proscar to Finasteride


Members with Depression can save $352 monthly by switching from Lexapro to Escitalopram Oxalate


Members with Asthma can save $46 monthly by switching from ProAir to Albuterol


Members with Migraines can save $947 monthly by switching from Imitrex to Sumatriptan Succinate

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